John is a former classroom teacher, professional tutor and education professional with wide ranging experience in delivering effective education at all levels. John has worked at leadership roles in a variety of organisations, working on projects such as delivering low-cost e-learning at scale, working with national or regional government and also running or coordinating bespoke individual tuition programmes for students with complex needs.


John has over a decade of teaching experience, the vast majority of it as a professional tutor. John specialises in teaching sciences and history/humanities as well as both English language and mathematics up to GCSE level.

John has a rich and diverse range of teaching experience, from challenging classroom teaching on the TeachFirst programme to implementing extremely complex tuition programmes for students with a range of needs. Whether it is long-term homeschooling, an intense revision programme or school entrance/scholarship exam preparation, John has ample experience to bring to bear on even the most sophisticated assignments.

The Tutors’ Association

John has been a member of The Tutors’ Association (TTA) since its formation in 2013. John joined the board of directors for TTA in June 2019, was elected Vice President in February 2020 and President in June 2020. He remains the current President of TTA, having been re-elected unanimously in June 2021.

Through TTA, John has extensive experience of the full range of issues affecting both individual tutors and tuition companies, as well as an unmatched grasp of the issues facing the tuition sector in the UK, including the National Tutoring Programme, online tuition delivery, tuition sector regulation and tutor training/professional development.

Get My Grades

John co-founded Get My Grades, a world-leading e-learning platform, in 2017 and has gone on to work on complex e-learning projects around the world in conjunction with a highly experienced team of developers, educators and other professionals.

Get My Grades offers both a learning platform for consumers in the UK as well as offering schools, governments and other organisations the capability to deliver complex e-learning projects using proven technology and sound, evidence-based educational principles.


State of Exams (Feb 2021)

By John Nichols, co-founder and Director of Get My Grades and President of The Tutors’ Association.   All parents are naturally concerned about their children’s education and there are few periods that are more significant than final GCSE and A Level exams. GCSE...

How Will GCSE Grades Be Calculated?

On the 3rd of April, Ofqual (the body which regulates qualifications in the UK) released guidance on how GCSEs and A Levels will be awarded in 2020 now that exams have been cancelled this summer as a result of COVID-19. The full guidance can be found here, but I have...

GCSE’s Are Cancelled; What Now?

The past few weeks have brought about a lot of change. Schools have closed and ‘GCSE’s have been cancelled’. So, what now? I would still recommend that you consider ensuring that your child continues to prepare for GCSEs in some way, as much as you can motivate them...

COVID-19 (Coronavirus): What can you do if you are forced (or choose) to home-educate your child?

As the UK experiences a growing number of cases of COVID-19 (‘Coronavirus’) it is understandable that many parents are considering how to best protect themselves and their children, whilst still wanting to ensure that their children’s education is not put at risk –...

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